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CBS launched CBS sports as an outlet for their national sports-based content. It broadcasts various sporting events such as athletics, outdoor and indoor sports, and motorsports. The channel is handy if you want to keep track of your favorite tournament. But finding out what channel is CBS sports on DirecTV can be very tiring.

You can view CBS sports by subscribing to DirecTV Ultimate or Premier. Just tune in to channel 221 and start enjoying their regular sports broadcast. Sadly, CBS sports is not available in any other DirecTV packages.

There are different channels for different types of consumers. CBS is one of the top cable TV networks in the states, with over 300 channels on offer. But you need to know the correct channel number to find your desired programs on the broadcast.

CBS Sports Network

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Columbia Broadcasting System, commonly known as CBS, was founded in 1927. CBS Entertainment Group, a division of Paramount Global, has the ownership of CBS.

However, the origin of CBS sports has no connection with the CBS Entertainment group. Initially, it was launched as College Sports Television, or CSTV, in 2002. CSTV served as a media partner of college athletics tournaments. The ownership of CSTV has changed multiple times. Finally, CBS Entertainment Group bought CSTV in 2006.

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Two years later, CSTV was renamed CBS CSTV. But the renaming didn’t affect its focus from college sports until 2011. Right then, CBS felt an urge to reprogram the channel and make it a mainstream sports channel.

CBS CSTV was again rebranded as CBS Sports Network. They started to broadcast sports events, leagues, discussions, and analytic content along with college sports.

Soon, their popularity started to increase drastically as their program list widened. In the United States, more than 61 million pay-TV clients have access to CBS sports now.

Why Should You Watch CBS Sports Network?

Initially, CBS sports used to broadcast only college sports events. But now, the channel has become the home of some major sports tournaments.

CBS Sports is one of the leading sports channels in the United States. They provide a wide array of sports events with excellent quality. Aside from the standard SD quality (480p), CBS sports also has HD 1080p picture format.

They cover major league soccer, some UEFA champions league football matches, Olympics games, Boxing tournaments, tennis, golf, NASCAR events, and many more. Their college sports department covers major College football tournaments, college basketball, hockey, etcetera.

They also cast many talk shows and match analyses. If you are interested in any of the content mentioned above, you should check CBS Sports Network on your DirecTV.

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DirecTV Network

Located in the United States, DirecTV has been giving cable TV services since 1994. It is now one of the most popular cable TV service providers in the USA.

The Hughes Electronic was rebranded and started its journey as DirecTV on the 17th of June, 1994. They have a vast coverage area that includes Latin America, the Caribbean, and their origin country, the United States.

Their program list is very diverse and long. Giving you the freedom of what you want to enjoy on your TV. You can find all of your favorite shows on DirecTV. They also ensure maximum quality in their channels.

DirecTV offers the highest number of HD channels among the other cable TV providers. Your audiovisual experience will be much better than the regular SD channels. The high number of HD channels increases the quality and satisfies the consumers.

AT&T partially owns the company. So you can subscribe to both DirecTV and AT&T internet and enjoy some extra perks. By getting the bundle, you gain unlimited access to a slew of additional programs as a bonus.

Not to forget, it comes with a reliable high-speed internet connection that allows you to surf the web at any hour of the day or night!

Moreover, if you take AT&T internet service, you can get free Wi-Fi hotspots throughout the country. So, you will have access to the internet even while being on the road.

Browsing DirecTV is not that hard. They are always concerned with their customer service. They even developed an app for their current and potential consumers! The app makes navigating and shopping on DirecTV much easier.

Stable signal assurance, many HD quality channels, an app to navigate the system efficiently, and affordable pricing are what make DirecTV a leading cable TV service provider in the United States!

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How to Get CBS Sports Network on DirecTV?

It is elementary to get DirecTV for your TV. Any packages from DirecTV will enhance your cable TV experience. DirecTV offers its services over a vast area. And their pricing might vary from place to place. High-speed internet, IP-based linear TV, and DirecTV stream service are also included in their service list.

They offer various packages for their cable TV consumers to choose from. You can choose a suitable package depending on your need. Here are some excellent packages from DirecTV.

Package NameChannelCostCBS Sports availability
DirecTV Entertainment160+$74.99No
DirecTV Choice TM185+$79.99No
DirecTV Ultimate250+$99.99Yes
DirecTV Premier330+$149.99Yes

DirecTV’s basic cable TV packages don’t include CBS sports. CBS Sports is only available in DirecTV Ultimate and DirecTV Premier packages.

The packages are very affordable. The pricing is reasonable considering the quality they provide to their customers. You can check and subscribe to their offerings from here.

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What Channel is CBS Sports Network on DirecTV?

CBS sports network can be an excellent choice for sports enthusiasts. Operating under the CBS entertainment group, CBS Sports does a great job covering college and major sports events.

It would be best to take the Ultimate or Premier package from DirecTV. Just tune in to channel number 221 on your DirecTV and enjoy CBS sports without any hassle.

Channel nameChannel number
CBS Sports221

Some Popular Sports to Watch on CBS Sports Network on DirecTV

CBS broadcasts some popular sporting events. Their programming list is very diverse and expansive. CBS also offers highlights, post-match analysis, and talk shows.

If you love sports, you can’t get bored of watching the channel. Here are some of the most popular shows to watch on CBS Sports Network.

NCAA Men’s basketball

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The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) arranges this prestigious college basketball tournament. Around 68 college teams from division 1 of the NCAA participate to win the champions title.

Inside College Basketball

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It is a popular analytical show on CBS sports. The show digs deep into the highlights and post-match analysis of the past college basketball games. It also analyzes the coaches and players and forecasts the upcoming matches.

PGA Tour

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The PGA Tour organizes most of the major professional golf tours. Players from the United States and North America participate in the tour.

Since 1970, CBS has covered the PGA tour. After acquiring CSTV and rebranding it as the CBS sports network, CBS uses CBSSN as their outlet for covering the PGA Tours.


CBS Sports Network is undoubtedly one of the best TV channels for sports fans to watch right now. If you are craving some sports content, you should definitely try this channel.

Still, confused about what channel is CBS sports on DirecTV? Only the Ultimate or Premier package from DirecTV includes CBS Sports Network. So tune in to channel 221 on your DirecTV and enjoy your favorite sports event on the channel today!

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